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> Good Morning Community,
>  I was browsing around the other day and found a cmos camera at
> http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8668. Its a
> 1.3 mega pixel camera and doesn't have much current draw and under $10. I'm
> not an electrical engineer but was wondering how feasible(with some
> soldering skills and a basic electronic understanding) it would be to attach
> this the the freerunner? The data sheet is included on the site. Thank you
> all in advance for your help.

I took a quick look at the datasheet. You need an 8 bit parallel data port
and I2C to control it. Does freerunner even have enough pins available to
attempt an interface? I'm not sure what we have available in terms of
expansion ports. I also seem to remember some talk in the sparkfun forums
about it needing to clock the data out high enough speeds that
microcontrollers have trouble keeping up. I know the Freerunner CPU is a lot
faster than a normal micro, but it's also busy doing other things.
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