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Matt Flax flatmax at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 03:15:01 CEST 2008

HI there,

Just letting you all know that it seems the idea of using a pci express
voice modem with the openmoko software will be limited by the manufacturers.
They appear to not be interested in supporting communities of users but
rather individual business clients ...

I quote them : "----openmoko.org can contact us directly if they wish to
work with us."


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OK - so in short you have no interest in supporting Linux voice ...

no problem, I find that attitude rather limiting and lazy ... as you
know Linux is pretty uniform ... you could also provide a complete
kernel driver for open source developers ... whether it uses the ALSA
audio drivers or a custom IOCTL mechanism ... doesn't really matter
and doesn't really require you to interact with each manufacturer ...


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 05:53:00PM -0700, support at sierrawireless.com wrote:
>  Hello Matt,
> Please find my answers below.
> Thanks.
> 1) If I purchase one of these devices, do I acquire the necessary
> documentation for me to code the voice driver alone ??? Surely you
> would like me to use the full capacity of the voice modem !
> ---We do not work with end users on minicard integration, only with laptop
manufacturers.  Every laptop model/brand require a specific integration
solution, so there is no generic solution or firmware or drivers.
> There is no Linux driver with voice support and there is no ETA on it.
> Anyway, you can contact one of our distributors below and try to purchase
a modem. The support will be provided by them.
> http://www.sierrawireless.com/partnersresellers/partners.aspx
> 2) openmoko.org is both a hardware and a software ... they are both also
> open source ... I bet that doesn't fit with your current model of
> 'manufacturers' ...
> ----openmoko.org can contact us directly if they wish to work with us.
> 3) If you don't fit this new model ... you will run into problems ...
> look at the ASUS EEE PC ... it runs Linux ... It has a spare PCI
> express slot ...
> --- I've checked the spec on ASUS EEE PC and i dont see a spare PCI-mini
> slot which you need to insert a minicard.
>  look at the KB article below. We have developed and tested the driver for
ASUS EEE PC ( USB cards) .  The ASUS can contact us directly if they want to
discuss more options.
> http://www.sierrawireless.com/faq/ShowFAQ.aspx?ID=1231
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