Enough already (too many posts about forum vs. mail lists)

Larry Riedel Larry at Riedel.org
Fri Jun 20 22:05:04 CEST 2008

> It's time to end the infinite string of emails about
> using a forum vs not using one. NOW!

I guess this could be taken as subtly suggesting
the use of forums, since that infinite string of
emails could be in its own thread, with people who
are interested reading and replying there without
people who are not interested telling them to stop.

I personally had been able to ignore that thread
because I can easily tell my mail reading software
to ignore a thread, but since the message "Enough
already" was not sent with the same Subject, and had
neither an In-Reply-To or References indicating it
was a followup to that thread, it showed up as a
new thread, so even though I was easily able to
ignore those emails, I had to see "Enough already".


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