Using gmane with openmoko mailing lists + thunderbird

christooss christooss at
Sat Jun 21 02:16:06 CEST 2008

Ben Burdette pravi:
> I found that you can 'subscribe' to mailing lists as newsgroups with 
> this list-to-nntp server.  I was able to subscribe to and 
> then download all the headers for the 12 or two openmoko mailing lists, 
> in just a few minutes.  Pretty cool.  This is using the Thunderbird news 
> client. 
OK thanks for the info about gmane I didn't know about this option. This 
has made reading openmoko mails readable.


> I can't seem to figure out how to reply to messages using this interface 
> though.  I was able to do it to the gmane.test 'newsgroup' (list?).  
> However, it doesn't really work for the openmoko lists.  Anyone had 
> success with this?
> Ben
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