Duplicate Message

Robin Farine robin.farine at terminus.org
Sat Jun 21 14:29:12 CEST 2008

On Friday 20 June 2008, Steven Kurylo wrote:
> > after scanning my inbox (since 3. jul) -- most.
> > though, not all mails from a gmail account get sent (received?)
> > twice and not every mail from such an account.
> > i found one mail from cc.helsinki.fi and one from hotmail.com.
> > cc.helsinki.fi:
> In both your posted cases, cc.helsinki.fi and hotmail.com sent
> the message twice to openmoko.  Nothing we can do.  There is a
> possibility that openmoko dropped the connection or issued a 4xx
> code, but still delivered the initial message.  In those cases
> the sending server would retry, creating two copies of the
> message.  But that would be a pretty bad bug in exim and I can't
> image how they could mis-configure exim to do this.

Could be that something in the delivery process (e.g. spamassassin) 
is taking too much time and the remote host times out.


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