Delay is getting worse...

André Gaul gaul at
Sun Jun 22 13:07:59 CEST 2008

Hey Ian,

This does not prove that it's mail provider dependent. May be your account is processed earlier because it has a 'better' position
in the list's processing queue. So maybe it depends on the date of


ian douglas schrieb:
> The delay also depends on your mail provider. I'm currently subscribed
> as id at and ian.douglas at and the mail to my
> domain arrives about an hour earlier than my domain. This
> message will also show up in my account within minutes of me
> hitting send, but my domain will take about an hour or so
> to show up (and may also show up as a duplicate, but that's some other
> issue).
> I had subscribed my second Email account to see if duplicates happened
> on this account as well, and it appears to only affect my
> subscription, so I'm going to test unsubscribing and resubscribing that
> account and see if duplicates still happen. It might have something to
> do with my Thunderbird filters, perhaps.
> -id
> ps: nice chart, Peter!
> Peter J. Holzer wrote:
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