GSoC Project Status Update 03: Speech Recognition Facility in Openmoko

Yogiz yogizz at
Mon Jun 23 09:34:18 CEST 2008

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008 02:12:09 +0530
"saurabh gupta" <saurabhgupta1403 at> wrote:

> yes, it is of course possible.
> But it requires the speech recognition for connected words which
> needs the level building algorithms and proper noise handling along
> with learning grammar for machine. This project has a great scope and
> can be extended to any limit. However in this small duration for GSoC
> Project, I dont think that it will be possible to incorporate these
> advanced features in it. The initial aim will be to provide an API in
> which user can store his/her own words individually and connect any
> particular activity with that word. Upon detection of that word, the
> API corresponding to that activity for that word will be called. I
> have included these points in my Design Document and the scope of
> advanced models using speech recognition. I think once the individual
> word recognition application is built, the advanced features can be
> added using this application and newer one.

As I've always wanted to keep my Moko in the pocket almost at all times
and just give it voice commands via bluetooth headset (after a light
tap at the pocket) I have nothing more to wish for you but the best of
luck. This is exactly what I need. Now, if someone made a light
Estonian text-to-speech engine for Moko's replies ; ).

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