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Mon Jun 23 12:25:27 CEST 2008

I haven¹t seen any information regarding the details of how the groups are
to make the purchases of the Neo Freerunner. I¹ve been told by someone in
the #openmoko IRC channel that there is currently or that there will be an
actual distributor in the USA for the 10 pack purchases. Is this true?

Also, I¹ve yet to see any information pertaining to the preferred method of
purchasing by groups. I assume that they/we must make our own arrangements,
entrusting 1 individual to make the purchase?

One last question is ­ is the ordering (in the USA) going to be available
once the Freerunners are already stateside or is it going to be required
that the orders are placed before they actually ship?

Myself and others would greatly appreciate any information!
Gino O'Donnell / Director
Seattle Web Creations, LLC

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