Yorick Matthys yorick_matthys at
Mon Jun 23 18:32:51 CEST 2008

Marcus Bauer said:
>My experience with the Freerunner is ~12 minutes TTFF (time to first
>fix) without use of agps and ~4-8 minutes TTFF with agps from
> using the software from openmoko.
>The Neo1973 (GTA01) had a TTFF without agps assistance of ~2 min.

12 minutes without AGPS and 4-8min with AGPS??
I hope there was a thunderstorm inside the basement where you tested this... :)

Seriously, these just don't seem realistic.
Compare them for example with some other devices from 2003:
Or from ublox: (table at the bottom of the page)

Surely there must be something wrong with your software/settings/hardware/environment...
(or maybe they still have a lot of work to do on the GPS :))


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