OT: Symbian mobile platform to be open-sourced under the Eclipse Public License.

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Tue Jun 24 11:29:22 CEST 2008

    The demand for converged mobile devices is accelerating. By 2010
    we expect four billion people to have joined the global mobile
    conversation. For many of these people, their mobile will be their
    first Internet experience, not just their first camera, music player
    or phone.

    Open software is the basic building block for delivering this  

    With this in mind, industry leaders are coming together to establish
    Symbian Foundation, to bring to life a shared vision and to create
    the most proven, open and complete mobile software platform -
    available for free...

    The Symbian Foundation platform will be available to members under
    a royalty-free license from this non-profit foundation. The Symbian
    Foundation will provide, manage and unify the platform for its
    members. Also, it will commit to moving the platform to open source
    during the next two years, with the intent to use the Eclipse Public
    License. This will make the platform code available to all for free,
    bringing additional innovation to the platform and engaging even a
    broader community in future developments.

    The platform will be free and open to develop on from the start
    whether you are enthusiast, web designer, professional developer
    or service provider. To develop on the platform you will not need
    to be a member of the foundation. ...



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