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Tue Jun 24 12:43:33 CEST 2008

arne anka wrote:
>> - lifetime warranty
>i always wonder about these -- whose lifetime is it? if the device in
>question is defect it's dead, isn't it?

Of course when the freerunner is defect they are not going to buy you a new freerunner. Otherwise people would jsut put an invisbleshield on everything: house, car, pets and themselves.

>From their site:

The lifetime replacement guarantee is simply what it says. If your invisibleSHIELD™ ever becomes scratched, torn or damaged in any way while protecting your device, we will replace the invisibleSHIELD™ for free, for life.

Q: What does the Replacement Policy NOT cover?

A: Installation errors are not covered by the replacement policy. This includes bubbles under the invisibleSHIELD™ film, as well as incorrect alignment of the shield on your device. Please read the application instructions carefully before installing your invisibleSHIELD™.

Please note that our liability does not extend beyond our product.

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