Patent threat to OpenMoko devices?

Daniel Mewes danielmewes at
Tue Jun 24 16:35:15 CEST 2008

Perhaps I should also post my personal opinion about this and I think
there are different possibilities what may happen:

1. The patents are valid (don't think so)
1.1 After successfully suing Apple, Dell and so on, Typhoon will
continue with suing smaller companies like OpenMoko. Probably they will
wait however, until enough devices were sold to ensure that the 
royalties are high enough
1.2 Typhoon will not sue more companies (until they need money at some
1.3 OpenMoko licences those "technologies" from Typhoon

2. The patents are invalid (my suggestion)
2.1 All of the legal actions will find their end in a non-courtial
comparison, thus no prove will exist that the patents are invalid.
Typhoon may then sue smaller companies including OpenMoko, that will
perhaps prefer to pay some money instead of taking a many years long and
costly legal procedure
2.2 One of the bigger accused companies can make the court concluding
that the patents are finally invalid. The big company invests some money
into their lawyers and this lawsuit and after a few years and a final
conclusion, there is no threat to OpenMoko any longer. (this may however
not let Typhoon stop begging smaller companies in the meantime, just
like SCO did with Linux users) (my suggestion)

3. The patents do not affect OpenMoko at all (may also be possible. As
stated before, I did not read the entire patent descriptions)

Kind regards,
Daniel Mewes

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