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Tue Jun 24 23:23:51 CEST 2008

Am Di  24. Juni 2008 schrieb Jisakiel:
> As a matter of fact that database would not even be needed, as we *do* have 
a GPS to get positions. So, for instance: 
> - A location is defined somehow, and *beforehand*. Say manually while being 
there, perhaps with some precission range attached (high: 1m, low: whatever 
error margin the GSM have). Or perhaps entering latitude and longitude, 
gotten from google maps manually or whatever. 
> - That location consists in some GPS coordinates, perhaps some wifis 
visible, and basically in which towers are we connected to.
> - When in range again of those 3 GSM towers, we know we are "close" to the 
location defined, and depending on the needed precision we can turn on the 
GPS if needed. Perhaps even the distance can be calculated more or less 
easily from the GSM signal information (I'd have to have a detailed look at
> and its applicability 
to GTA02  , but a quick glance shows some promising information: 
> " This information together with the list of neighbouring cells could be 
used for geolocation and potentially yield better results than using 
Signal-quality values for that. 
> ")

also see:

> Please someone who's good at geographics/maps give it a try and report your
> findings. If I see a nice map with a couple of intersecting ring-segments,
> I'll invite you on a beer there :-)
I'll push up the "reward" to a 50€ for this one ;-) For the first correct and 
nice done map.

And here a link (not only) for people thinking this might be illegal (there 
have been some statements with words to this effect)

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