Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Wed Jun 25 21:26:30 CEST 2008

Personally, I'm glad that the extra costs aren't passed on to the pool
of devices. I think that's partly why there are many resellers in
Europe and none in the USA. I've got electronic device failure added
onto my insurance policy (doesn't cover abuse or human error) and it's
like an amazing $6 a month for all of the devices I own - I'm glad I'm
not paying more for having a longer warranty rolled into the price of
the device.

I trust the hardware. If I had serious fears the device would fail in
a year, I'd not spend money on it. It's been a damn sturdy device in
my experience, surviving the several drops that phones take, including
one down a flight of stairs. If there is a problem with manufacturing,
which is all Openmoko could realistically cover anyway, you'll know
immediately and with plenty of time to resolve it.

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 3:17 PM, Ajit Natarajan <ajitk at email.com> wrote:
> steve wrote:
>  > 10 pack is a 28 day DOA.
> If that's the only warranty, I'm worried.  Is there any reseller or
> other option in the U.S. that will give us a longer warranty?  Spending
> $369 on a unit with such a short warranty is scary.
> I would like to know how others in the U.S. think about this.  Is this a
> non-issue?
> Thanks.
> Ajit
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