Slashdot post but no web store?

Crane, Matthew mcrane03 at
Wed Jun 25 22:03:08 CEST 2008

nerdyH writes "Openmoko has begun shipping
<>  its Linux-based, open
source Neo Freerunner phone to five newly announced distributors, in
Germany, France, and India, says the company. The Neo Freerunner
features an open hardware design, and a Linux-based operating system
that users are free to modify. The project originally hoped to produce a
mass-market offering last October. The $400 Freerunner will remain
available direct, online, too. A 2.5G GPRS/GSM phone like the original
iPhone, it boasts a 500MHz processor, WiFi, 3D accelerometers, a
4.3-inch VGA touchscreen, Bluetooth, and built-in GPS." 

Of course, they link to a dead page..

I love all the comments from people who've bought iPhones incensed at
suggestions that it's any sort of superior device.   

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