AT&T SIM problems

Daniel Dadap daniel at
Thu Jun 26 00:07:23 CEST 2008

Thanks, Vinc. What worried me was the fact that the trouble ticket
isn't closed yet, and there's no positive confirmation that AT&T SIMs
work now that I have found. I e-mailed Michael; hopefully he'll have
the answers.

(Also, sorry to everybody for posting twice. For whatever reason my
message didn't go through when I posted it the first time. I re-posted
several hours later, only to discover that my original message made it
several hours after that.)

> From: "Vinc Duran" <uberpfloyd at>
> It looks like there's more information on this bug here
>, scroll down to
> "Delivery of a GSM firmware update for the 3G SIM bug". From this I'd
> think michael at would know more.

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