Slashdot post but no web store?

Mike Montour mail at
Thu Jun 26 02:18:01 CEST 2008

Jisakiel wrote:

> - I understand the only problem precluding it as a DAP player is the 
> speaker not muting? Or *with headphones* it is mono? I understood GTA02 
> to have a single speaker but to be stereo capable with headphones... I'd 
> be devastated if wrong, or if other severe quality issues existed (such 
> as perhaps a noisy codec, or an insufficient sampling frequency, or who 
> knows); the problem reported on the ticket sounds at least as "doable", 
> without knowing anything else.

As I understand it the main problem is that a capacitor in series with 
the headphone output is too small, which means that low-frequency audio 
is cut off (the capacitor + the resistance of the headphones forms a 
high-pass filter). This is consistent with Kevin's observation that it 
sounded OK when connected to an Aux on another amplifier, because the 
resistance of that input is much higher than that of headphones.

I don't know the actual cutoff frequency or how it compares to other 
products on the market. Also, I don't have a Freerunner so I'm just 
basing this on what I've read on the lists.

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