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Am Do  26. Juni 2008 schrieb Kevin Dean:
> ***
> audio quailty on the headphone is lousy due to a hardware bug - as mp3
> player useless
> ***
Quality rating is prone to individual bias.
Well, for nerds there will be projects similar to this one
or this one
I will come up with a DIY primer on how to cope with these way to lousy caps 
inside FR. 
Anyway there are ways to use the FR as a decent MP3-player without any mod at 
all, for all but the most high-end-audiophiles.

> A bug I reported ( means it
> fails at being a personal audio player for now. The headset that came
> in the box with the 1973 and the Freerunner aren't particularly good,
> but that's ENTIRELY a subjective thing.
No we HAVE an issue with decoupling caps in FR (simply too small and cheap). 
However it depends on type of headphones used (impedance), and it's 
absolutely fine for line-out usage, like connecting to the car, home stereo 

> I connect my 1973 to my car's 
> AUX input and it sounds just fine. The issue he has is with the
> headset, not the jack. Either way, his assessment is true - headset
> quality and audio issues make using the Freerunner as a DAP impossible
> today.

Only (partially) true for usage with low impedance headphones.

> ***
> headphone only mono. i.e. only one side works
> ***
> This is wrong, mmontour corrected it it on Slashdot.

Yep, definitely. I used it for MP3-player (with original headset), and it 
wasn't THAT bad. Lower frequencies quite weak with low-Z-hs and on standard 
EQ-setting. I'm used to $600-headphones, so I noticed this. YMMV. Stereo 
anyway, so this is wrong info.

> ***
> headphone unusable for making phone calls due to EM-interferences
> ***
> Not sure if it's EM interference, but all the software I've used
> simply couldn't route the GSM stuff to the headset. I'm assuming it's
> a software issue but this is true in my experience, the included
> headset can't be used to make calls.

No, it's true, it's EMI to the mic. Probably you can fix it with a ferrite 
block on headset cable near to the jack (well, not quite nice... but as long 
as it helps. Not tested yet though - by me).

> ***
> GPS has >10 minutes TTFF - yes, in 2008 where every cheapo GPS gets a
> fix in 45secs
> ***
> I've not gotten a fix EVER on the GPS - it's a software issue, I
> assume because I've gotten the GPS hardware to respond while poking at
> it.

Our tests on GPS TTFF where quite comparable with some of the best devices 
available. However note there is some data GPS *has* to download from sat 
for "virgin" fix, which may take as long as 12min due to low bandwidth the 
sats offer (just takes this time for them to send one complete set of ephem 
and alm), and this download needs signal 30dB better than that for mere 
position fix. On tests done at Taipei the TTFF was around ~40sec without(!) 
So this is a clear sw-issue.

> ***
> developer community alienated by Lauer & Co. GNOME knew why they
> kicked Rasterman out.
> ***
> Actually, this one might be trolling. I don't know about social
> politics, and frankly don't care. True or not, it's not relevant to
> the hardware sucking or being amazing.

Dunno whether Carsten and Mickey consider it worth to answer this. If they do, 
it'll make may day ;-)

> ***
> so called ASU software is pre-alpha and reinventing the wheel once again
> ***
> Fact.

So what. Everybody knows. Never anybody stated anything different.

To me he looks quite trollish.
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