Fast questions about GTA03

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Fri Jun 27 12:48:15 CEST 2008

No matter how good gta03 is going to be i'm buying 02 :-)
Even christmas is to long to wait.

On 6/27/08, Flemming Richter Mikkelsen <quatrox at> wrote:
> On 2008-06-27, Francesco Cat <heartcollector87 at> wrote:
>> Lol, xmas is too far away :D I'm gonna buy this one I think...
>> Hopefully the Glamo will allow for media to stream regularly, they
>> would have removed there was no way to have a 25 FPS video I think.
> Actually, video will go better without the glamo because the bus
> will be faster. Anyway, 2D works well with the glamo and the
> chip is not that bad.
> Some pros. with having the glamo:
>  - HW scaling and 2D rotation (this is cool)
>  - 2D acceleration (this is also cool)
> Some cons.:
>  - Power (80mW?)
>  - Bus limit
>  - Not open (e.g. no 3D, etc)
> So if you do not want to view a lot of videos, the
> glamo is a good thing (fast zooming of web pages,
> etc).
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