Fast questions about GTA03

Pawel Kowalak viru at
Fri Jun 27 13:04:07 CEST 2008

On Jun 27, 2008, at 12:46 PM, arne anka wrote:

>> Some pros. with having the glamo:
>>  - HW scaling and 2D rotation (this is cool)
>>  - 2D acceleration (this is also cool)
> to be honest -- i never really could figure out what's the diff  
> between 2d
> and 3d acceleration.
> so, what limitations does it impose?

Acceleration is simply using GPU for graphics operations instead of  
CPU. 3D accelerator accelerates 3D operations (rendering 3D objects)  
and 2D accelerator accelerates 2D operations (bit blits, line  
drawing, clipping etc.). On modern computers, 2D graphics are  
simulated using 3D without perspective, because 2D accelerators were  
almost dropped years ago by graphic cards vendors.

I hope I didn't simplified it too much. ;)


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