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You forget the biggest: Nokia (sells as many phones a day as iphones yet sold). Rest are just startups so far, or non-mobile-phone-related... And Nokia looks like interested in QTopia (as they bought Trolltech!) ;)

Firefox (xulrunner, as the GUI is not appropiate) can be replaced by khtml, or however it is called now that it's part of qt 4.4. Openoffice in a phone does not currently makes sense (not adecuate gui, too heavyweight). 

Therefore I'm not really so sure whether to bet on GTK or on QT... 

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I'm wondering if there is any interest in maintaining the GTK software

Actually many companies have expressed their interest in a GTK based
platform as it is perceived as more future proof than some kind of
exotic software stack with a very small developer base.

Lots of hesitation comes from the switch to this new stack-mix as all
the big ones are going GTK:

        * Limo (pretty much all big mobile companies plus Intel etc)
        * Lips
        * Firefox
        * Openoffice
        * Ubuntu
        * Ubuntu mobile
        * Garmin

IMHO it is very important for the future of Openmoko and open software
on mobile phones to grow an ecosystem that involves both, many companies
and many free software developers.

Thus are there developers/companies on the list interested in
maintaining GTK on the openmoko phones and starting a community
initiative? Pretty much 90% is already there!


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