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IIRC ubuntu mobile was only x86 based, and addressed to bigger devices than a phone (such as the Mobile Internet Devices - closer to n810 or even to asus EEE than to a phone). 

What I'd really love is to see android software stack running on the moko. Still not possible as android is not open, but they were supposed to free the whole stack, which should make possible to run on the moko (the binaries are compiled right now to a different flavour of ARM, see ). 

It would be the definitive hw plataform on which to develop ;). 

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> Is anyone planning to try maemo on the freerunner ?

my question, too.
and what about ubuntu mobile? does anybody know whether the plan to test  
it on om? at least it's the first open phone in the wild -- should be a  
given development platform for them ...

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