Community Initiative GTK

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Fri Jun 27 20:14:26 CEST 2008

Jisakiel wrote:
> You forget the biggest: Nokia (sells as many phones a day as iphones yet 
> sold). 

14 Nokia phones are made each second.

 > Rest are just startups so far, or non-mobile-phone-related... And
> Nokia looks like interested in QTopia (as they bought Trolltech!) ;)
> Firefox (xulrunner, as the GUI is not appropiate) can be replaced by 
> khtml, or however it is called now that it's part of qt 4.4.


> Openoffice 
> in a phone does not currently makes sense (not adecuate gui, too 
> heavyweight).
> Therefore I'm not really so sure whether to bet on GTK or on QT...

Qt will be a common API across all Nokia platforms.

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