Fast questions about GTA03

Yuval Levy openmoko08 at
Fri Jun 27 23:38:11 CEST 2008

Hans L wrote:
 > Hehe, I just had another idea related to this.  You could use this 360
 > "window" behavior to make an interactive Where's Waldo

<> - select Flash from the help, 
and click around =8^D

Hans L wrote:
> That would be pretty cool to use the FreeRunner as a "window" to a 360
> scene like this.  Hold the phone in front of you and spin around: the
> accelerometers could detect movement, and adjust the view as you
> rotate. Angle it up or down, and the view would again correspond.

oh yes, pretty cool indeed.

It has already been done with Android and Google's StreetView - check 
the video at

but given Marcus Bauer's comments about the glamo chip (thank you!) I'm 
now inclined to pass on the GTA02 and wait for whatever comes next, 
hoping for serious improvements. My alternative is one of those UMPCs 
such as the OQO, but no accelerometer, GPS and GSM :-(

Also I hoped to get a Google Summer of Code student to work on the 
viewer this year as well, like we had one last year. But my student 
(excellent guy) bailed out (and I don't blame him - the alternative 
opportunity was too good for him and I would have pushed him out had he 
not taken it. <>

Yuv - going back to the sidelines and waiting for an improved hardware 

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