Let us impact the material world

kenneth marken k-marken at online.no
Sat Jun 28 01:02:02 CEST 2008

On Saturday 28 June 2008 00:40:44 Nelson Castillo wrote:
> >I am in Columbia. Drinking local coffee (yes Paola your coffee is
> > thebest in the world) and thinking with the early morning clarity
> > only those blessed with jag-lag can understand.
> Sean,
> I'm _really_ glad you enjoyed our Colombian Coffee, our food, and I
> hope you can keep in touch with the spirits that live in our
> landscapes. I'm sure that those spirits are friends of the "spirit
> that lives in the computer" [1].
> [1] (I really like what Alan Perlis said)
> http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/sicp/book/book.html
> > Start with things people are familiar with and find new ways to make
> > them more qualitative, says Offray. Take SMS, he continues, instead of
> > just plain text, why not send special compressed messages, readable only
> > by Neos. We can use these as enablers to change mobile ecosystems. Hack
> > their network to embed more freedoms for normal people. Add more
> > meaning. Transform our Neo into an artifact.
> I think encrypted messages are crucial for freedom. I also think most
> people don't know how easy it is for others to see what they send
> through the networks. I cannot wait to see those Encrypted messages
> traveling free through _their_ networks to deliver _our_ messages.
> Regards,
> Nelson.-  (one very excited (amateur ^ 3))

i suspect that until one stick a computer on every lamp post in the world, 
with a text to speech program that spills out every clear text message sendt 
so that it can pick it up, people wont take notice.

they understand putting letters in envelopes, because thats something they can 
see. but until you show them a packet sniffer, and explain that this can be 
used on any part of that messages journey, they will not understand it for 
electronic media.

hell, i wish that mail apps would come with a standard system for signing and 
encryption. that would at least be a start. as long as people have to install 
third party apps to get that feature, it will not be used...

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