The glamo chip and its future

Michael Stather lists at
Sat Jun 28 09:43:37 CEST 2008

I was a fan of the openmoko idea even when it was announced at first. 
Now when the first "real" device was announced I was thinking about 
buying one but then I realized the situaltion with the 3D chip which I 
read was "a very big design mistake". At least this is what I read, 
since neither read 2D or 3D acceleration is possible.
So I wonder why this was done that way (since the older model had a much 
larger bandwidth), and whether it's changed for the next release. I mean 
e.g. games (3D games, or emulators) are IMHO an important part of the 
functionality of such a smartphone.
Unfortunately, in the wiki wish list nobody complained about this and I 
didn't find anything on the home page, while this is probably the 
biggest concern of the users as far as what I've read.



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