The glamo chip and its future

Michael Stather lists at
Sat Jun 28 12:57:47 CEST 2008

Couldn't the glamo just be driven with a highter bandwidth, or is this a 
chipset limitation?
And if the chip just isn't capable of performing better, what about the 
idea to have plain framebuffer access only through the processor but 
include a CLPD/FPGA in the design which may be loaded "on the fly" with 
a firmware for a simple 3D chip. I was involved in a project of a game 
console, with 2D acceleration only, but IMHO simple 3D acceleration 
isn't that hard. And this would have the advantage that the 3D core is 
fully open and can even be improved with optimisations and more features.
I think through its openness openmoko could also become quite popular 
for gamers, since there exist many good open-source games which could be 
ported easily to the platform if there was hardware acceleration (OpenGL 
ES or even better plain OpenGL). Thinking of consumers, they want fancy 
3D effects and games, and since all options nowadays are either j2ME 
commercial games or smartphones which have all a rather small community 
or are closed like the iPhone, this could becomne another real advantage 
of the openmoko platform.

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