The glamo chip and its future

Michael Stather lists at
Sat Jun 28 15:54:43 CEST 2008

Robert Schuster schrieb:
> Hi.
> Michael Stather schrieb:
>> I was a fan of the openmoko idea even when it was announced at first. 
>> Now when the first "real" device was announced I was thinking about 
>> buying one but then I realized the situaltion with the 3D chip which I 
>> read was "a very big design mistake".
> Just want to add this: Do you know that the Nokia Internet Tablet
> devices contain a capable 3d accelerator as well? The reason it is not
> used is the same as for the FreeRunner.
> Regards
> Robert
No I didn't, but it's very interesting since I didn't expect Nokia to 
care much about openness. Or is it because of the slow bus speeds?
With ATI releasing the specs for all newer graphics adapters, would 
there be a chance to get an Imageon chip on board. Or something from 
another vendor. Or an FPGA like I said, this would be the "holy grail of 
openness" and the 3D core could be developed and provided with updates 
for every model.
3D acceleration on the BeagleBoard, AFAIK this board is full of (very 
stupid *gg) bugs and somebody has to find a 3D accelerator as well to 
plug it in ;)

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