The glamo chip and its future

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On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 09:43:37 +0200 Michael Stather <lists at>

> I was a fan of the openmoko idea even when it was announced at first. 
> Now when the first "real" device was announced I was thinking about 
> buying one but then I realized the situaltion with the 3D chip which I 
> read was "a very big design mistake". At least this is what I read, 
> since neither read 2D or 3D acceleration is possible.

i don't know what you read, but 2d and 3d accel are "possible". 2d accel is
done. to an extent where it is about as accelerated as most x11 drivers are
(blits, fills accelerated, xvideo yuv->rgb + scaling accelerated, everything
else software fallback). 3d is not done as it will need a fair bit of work and
no time for that currently. the problem is when you go to a software fallback
doing transfers over the bus TO the video card are not fast.

so your information is not correct. :) but it's not a powerhouse chip. don't
think that you suddenly have some iphone killer graphics chip.

> So I wonder why this was done that way (since the older model had a much 
> larger bandwidth), and whether it's changed for the next release. I mean 
> e.g. games (3D games, or emulators) are IMHO an important part of the 
> functionality of such a smartphone.

needed extra sdio to get wifi for you. without needing it for wifi, glamo
wouldnt be "needed". the glamo itself has an sd card interface. thisis now used
for the actual sd card and the old sd card interface on the cpu is used for the
wifi chip. it's a price paid for wifi on the given hardware.

> Unfortunately, in the wiki wish list nobody complained about this and I 
> didn't find anything on the home page, while this is probably the 
> biggest concern of the users as far as what I've read.
> regards
> Michgael
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