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RPN please.

Actually it would be cool to do retro versions of the old HP prgrammable
calcs ( 12 etc etc)
Hehe, like donkey kong on the PC.


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Why not a powerful handeld graphic calculator?

2008/6/28, Al Johnson <openmoko at>:
> On Saturday 28 June 2008, Robert Schuster wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Mickey writes: "Openmoko is selling hardware products."
>> Heck, why must OpenMoko only sell mobile phones?
> That's all they've sold direct so far, but it was said a long time ago 
> that non-phone products may be in the pipeline
>> I like Linux-based devices that are free as in freedom. So I would 
>> likely also buy a device from OpenMoko if it is a wireless router, a 
>> SOHO NAS (think NSLU2), a PDA or perhaps a gaming handheld.
> I would prefer Openmoko to fill holes where there aren't already free 
> devices available. Most of the areas you mention already have hardware 
> available that's as open as the Neo1973 and Freerunner:
> Routers - wireless or not:
> PC Engines ALIX series - MicroTik 
> RouterBOARDs -
> Gaming handheld:
> Pandora
> Then there's the Neuros OSD which really needs a successor with a 
> better output than composite video, but is otherwise rather nice.
> The PDA is one area there's a gap I would like filling. I want a 
> modern incarnation of the Psion 5. I'll just have to see how the 
> Freerunner plus a bluetooth keyboard do as a replacement. It might just be
close enough...
> I would also like a less power-hungry version of the Chumby, available 
> outside the US.
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