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Sat Jun 28 23:19:10 CEST 2008

Am Sa  28. Juni 2008 schrieb steve:
> RPN please.
> Actually it would be cool to do retro versions of the old HP prgrammable
> calcs ( 12 etc etc)
> Hehe, like donkey kong on the PC.

Though it's hard to emulate the really lovely keys those calculators (25, 41) 
had, tactile feedback and all. (TI otoh had bouncing keys that made me smash 
some of their calculators. more fun to smash than to use ;-)
Waah, my 41CV went up in smoke recently, stored in my bookshelf that burned 
down ;.( *sigh*
Also the info function (HP41 only?) on any keypress longer 2sec was *very* 
smart, probably a patent of HP. (you remember? hold key down to show what's 
going to happen when you release it. Hold down for >2sec to pre-cancel the 
actual pending release action, in case info shows this wasn't what you 
intended to do)

/jOERG "press 'run'"

> A few bugs got through this process. For example: 2.02 ln ex resulted in 2
> rather than 2.02. When the bug was discovered, HP had already sold 25,000
> units which was a huge volume for the company. In a meeting, Dave Packard
> asked what they were going to do about the units already in the field and
> someone in the crowd said "Don't tell?" At this Packard's pencil snapped
> and he said: "Who said that? We're going to tell everyone and offer them, a
> replacement. It would be better to never make a dime of profit than to have
> a product out there with a problem". It turns out that less than a quarter
> of the units were returned. Most people preferred to keep their buggy
> calculator and the notice from HP offering the replacement.
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