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Yogiz yogizz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 11:20:48 CEST 2008

On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 12:24:28 -0500
"Nelson Castillo" <nelsoneci at gmail.com> wrote:

> Mmm.
> Doesn't IM requiere permanent connection? For status updates, etc?
> I'd like to know what you think about two things:
> 1) We know email is broken (at least unsafe and prone to spam)
> 2) What is the best alternative for this scenario? Is it really IM?
> 3) Are there other (IP-based) protocolos suitable for delivering the
> encrypted messages?
> Regards,
> Nelson.-

What do you mean about e-mail being broken? It can be encrypted much
more easily then most other ways of communications. We could just port
GPG on the OpenMoko. Spam is actually quite filterable. I think we
should go with e-mail as the main way of messaging. It's well
standardised and works with computers as well as phones. If we could
make GNU Privacy Guard transparent enough, it would also encourage
encryption usage among the users. Why re-invent the wheel?

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