SDL support

Robert Schuster theBohemian at
Sun Jun 29 15:27:20 CEST 2008

all kind of sdl libs are there and work. SDL just needs X11 and this is
available on all OpenMoko variants.

Additionally sdl-mixer, sdl-ttf and whatnot are available.

I have however one nitpick: libsdl is quite old: 1.2.9. Current stable
is 1.2.13.

Unfortunately the library is not easy to build and needs fixes. For
instance Debian applies a lot of patches. Perhaps it would be best if
some of the guys/gals maintaining libsdl for a desktop distro could help
us bringing updated libsdl into OE.

There is also a bug which affects GTA01 and GTA02 that makes SDL's mouse
pointer freak out:


Francesco Cat schrieb:
> I have seen SDL support in the wish-list; but I have read an email
> telling that a game that should require SDL worked on GTA01.
> Is ths SDL library implemented in OpenMoko? Are there plans about it?
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