Inter-Freerunner Connectivity

Charles Pax charles.pax at
Sun Jun 29 19:22:25 CEST 2008

In what ways can two Freerunners plausibly communicate? Which is the fastest
for data transfer?

Can they connect via WiFi without a separate router? I've seen some
discussion over how the Freerunner cannot be used as an access point. Does
this mean two Freerunners wouldn't be able to create a network of just

Can they connect through USB with one being the host and the other behaving
as if it were connected to my desktop (as an external hard drive or

Is there another type of USB networking they can do?

Is there enough control over the GSM chipset to communicate directly
(without using the mobile phone network) between two Freerunners? This would
violate some FCC regulation, right?

And just for fun... Would there be any practical purpose for communicating
through the headphone/mic jack?

I'm assuming they can connect via bluetooth and that they can can make phone
calls to each other :)

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