Inter-Freerunner Connectivity

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sun Jun 29 19:31:13 CEST 2008

su, 2008-06-29 kello 13:22 -0400, Charles Pax kirjoitti:
> In what ways can two Freerunners plausibly communicate? Which is the
> fastest for data transfer?


> Can they connect via WiFi without a separate router? I've seen some
> discussion over how the Freerunner cannot be used as an access point.


>  Does this mean two Freerunners wouldn't be able to create a network
> of just themselves?


> Can they connect through USB with one being the host and the other
> behaving as if it were connected to my desktop (as an external hard
> drive or whatever)?


> Is there another type of USB networking they can do?

What it does by default. You know, USB networking instead of mass

> Is there enough control over the GSM chipset to communicate directly
> (without using the mobile phone network) between two Freerunners?


> This would violate some FCC regulation, right?

Yes and quite possibly kill someone.

> And just for fun... Would there be any practical purpose for
> communicating through the headphone/mic jack?


> I'm assuming they can connect via bluetooth and that they can can make
> phone calls to each other :)


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