Inter-Freerunner Connectivity

Francesco Cat heartcollector87 at
Sun Jun 29 19:36:30 CEST 2008

2008/6/29 Charles Pax <charles.pax at>:
> In what ways can two Freerunners plausibly communicate? Which is the fastest
> for data transfer?

Wifi and bluetooth for sure
> Can they connect via WiFi without a separate router? I've seen some
> discussion over how the Freerunner cannot be used as an access point. Does
> this mean two Freerunners wouldn't be able to create a network of just
> themselves?

Actually they should be able to create Ad-Hoc networks. this means 2
FR will be able to connect each other. The Access Point functionality
would have been usefull only when connecting 3 or more FR toghether.
If you need to connect more than 2 FRs one way *might* be bridging
wifi, bluetooth and USB connections, creating some kind of "chain".
Not very clear if you need to connect 10 or more FRs :)

> Can they connect through USB with one being the host and the other behaving
> as if it were connected to my desktop (as an external hard drive or
> whatever)?
Probably this will be possible but I don't know what exactly will happen

> Is there another type of USB networking they can do?
Really I don't know

> Is there enough control over the GSM chipset to communicate directly
> (without using the mobile phone network) between two Freerunners? This would
> violate some FCC regulation, right?
Probably there is not enought control or it is not possible at all.

> And just for fun... Would there be any practical purpose for communicating
> through the headphone/mic jack?
> I'm assuming they can connect via bluetooth and that they can can make phone
> calls to each other :)
Making the FR a walkie-talkie device was in some kind of wishlist I think :)

> -Charles
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