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prishelec at prishelec at
Sun Jun 29 21:33:49 CEST 2008

Actually, do we have schematics for Freerunner?
I know we have some CAD files. Do they include schematics for the elements?

On 6/29/08, Charles Pax <charles.pax at> wrote:
> There's nothing stopping the community from trying to design some hardware.
> Take a look at the Wikipedia page on open hardware
> There's lots of stuff out
> there to get folks started.
> We could try to create a new device, but I would rather create something
> that augments the Freerunner like some microcontroller sensor hardware that
> connects via USB. For example, a USB or bluetooth version of
> in a package that snaps onto the back of a
> Freerunner could be pretty nifty.
> How about a bluetooth or USB barcode scanner and RFID reader/writer that
> snaps on the back in place of the regular back cover. That's something we
> can do as a community. It's something that is also more likely to eventually
> see support from the official Freerunner folks in the form of manufacturing
> or just giving a professional opinion on the design.
> -Charles

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