HOPE and OpenMoko

Asheesh Laroia openmoko at asheesh.org
Mon Jun 30 05:24:01 CEST 2008

On Tue, 24 Jun 2008, Bert Hartmann wrote:

> I don't know if anyone on the list is planning on attending the last 
> H.O.P.E. (http://www.thelasthope.org/) but I could easily see the groups 
> overlapping. It's in NYC a couple weeks after the dates suggested by 
> Steve a week or so ago. (Steve was talking about July 1st/4th, HOPE is 
> July 18-20) Hopefully this means that the FreeRunner will be in our 
> hands in time for it.

I hope so, and I think so!

I've been playing with a Neo1973 on and off in the past nearly-year and 
I'd be happy to chat with others who have been playing with OM hardware or 
who soon will be!

And I will be coming in from out of town to HOPE, though I'll decline your 
group offer for now. (-:

-- Asheesh.

Remember:  Silly is a state of Mind, Stupid is a way of Life.
 		-- Dave Butler

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