Bluetooth Headset compatible to Freerunner?

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Jun 30 15:28:36 CEST 2008

> I'm searching for a bluetooth headset with 2 ears and 1 mic that I can  
> connect to the Freerunner, so I can hear music...and if a call comes in,  
> I press a button (at the headset or at the neo, that doesn't matter) and  
> then I can hear the other person over the headset and speak with him/her  
> over the mic of the headset.
> Is that possible? Where can I find such headsets?

you probably need both a2dp and hsp, ie advanced audio distribution  
profile and headset profile.
a2dp is for receiving high(er) qualitiy sound, hsp for making/receiving  

be aware taht a lot of headset capable of both profiles inevitable switch  
to hsp on incoming calls, so no stereo, only low quality mono.

as far as i understand, the om supports both profiles (and if not it  
should be easy to integrate).

for more information.

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