Inter-Freerunner Connectivity

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Mon Jun 30 16:06:59 CEST 2008

>  i just attended a convention where one of the events was an  
> experimental
> music set by one of the attendees using a Tenori-On (and jamming  
> with another
> attendee on a digeridoo[1]),

Yes, the tenori-on is definitely do-able with the OM phone .. I used  
to work for a major synth mfr, specifically working on a linux-for- 
music-gear distribution, but now I work for THALES making embedded  
systems for trains.

I would love to work on an OM-compatible synth platform, but until  
then, I'll just keep working on OM-based music software to release  
shortly .. ;)

> and during the session it struck me that the
> OpenMoko platform would be able to do something similar to this, or  
> at the
> very least be able to provide some nifty stuff in the same sort of  
> vein of
> thought - maybe not as powerful (since the Tenori-On is a dedicated  
> sound
> device, and thus has been able to be geared for this wrt multiple  
> voices and a
> very powerful sound chip and such), but... you know, just a mind- 
> burp, really,
> but still :)

You really *don't* need a very powerful system to do interesting  
audio, and Yamaha (who I have also worked for in the past) know this  
very, very well .. there is a lot of hype about it, sure, because DSP  
is inherently difficult for a lot of people to grasp, but we can do a  
lot of interesting things with the OM hardware, for sure ..

FWIW, the Nintendo DS currently has some exciting apps being written  
for it, in the music-making department, and they work very well.  Some  
of these apps will make their way over to OM once Freerunner starts  
getting a little traction, I imagine ..

Jay Vaughan

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