Idea of a voice mail application

Joseph Booker joe at
Sat Mar 1 03:50:58 CET 2008

>>  Nope, for all EU countries i know about, this is absolutely no
>> difference. You
>>  pay for a call to provider side voicebox as you do for a straight call.
> Interesting.  On my Rogers (Canada) phone, I don't pay for them to
> leave messages.  I also don't pay to check my messages.  In fact the
> number to pickup messages is long distance!
> --
> Steven Kurylo

Lets say you have nearly no minutes left on your plan. Your
friends/family/etc, knowing this, leave a message on your voicemail, which
you can check without going over your minutes. Rogers lets you get away
with this? Reminds me of the collect calls from 'hadababy itsaboy'

Joseph Booker

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