Idea of a voice mail application

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Sat Mar 1 03:52:35 CET 2008

Am Sa  1. März 2008 schrieb Steven Kurylo:
> >  Nope, for all EU countries i know about, this is absolutely no 
difference. You
> >  pay for a call to provider side voicebox as you do for a straight call.
> Interesting.  On my Rogers (Canada) phone, I don't pay for them to
> leave messages.  I also don't pay to check my messages.  In fact the
> number to pickup messages is long distance!

Well understood, the caller pays always same rate, which is much higher than a 
normal landline call. The callee never pays, except when roaming off the own 
provider's service area (usually this means another country). 
This was different in the 70s of last century with car-phones (A-net, B-net) 
when you had 30 sec free at start of inbound call, to reject unsolicited 
calls, and then you got rapidly bankrupt. Nowadays the picture is: you don't 
pay for things you can't avoid (e.g. being called by someone). 

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