PMU user manual

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Sat Mar 1 05:00:54 CET 2008

Am Fr  29. Februar 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> > For PCF50633(GTA02) there obviously never was a public datasheet/user 
> > manual 
> > (at least i found 2 years old postings asking for it), only a broken/empty
> > link on manufacturers site. :-(
> > Please can anybody give a pointer to these docs, or even upload them to 
> > the wiki?
> All I can say is it is marked up "Company Confidential" so I can't put
> it anywhere without some authorization, otherwise you'd be welcome.
> I cc'd Wolfgang who is out and about at the moment in case he has some
> better knowledge about any agreement with NXP.
> Obviously it is okay to make enums and defines and comments in the
> sources... maybe if you have a specific question I can help, but I agree
> that sucks compared to printing out the datasheet.
> -Andy :-)

Thanks Wolfgang, Andy and Tony!
Maybe we eventually will get the user manual too, with register description 
and all the good stuff ;-).
Anyway, great job!

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