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Sat Mar 1 20:35:40 CET 2008

Andy Green ha scritto:
> Depends on what you're doing with it... is the backlight on all the
> time... making a call... I can't give you a straight answer because I
> didn't examine this yet.  Instead I spent all my time around power
> consumption looking to optimize suspend current since that can involve
> circuit changes.

That's reasonable...
Btw I know that the neo is more a computer than a phone, so its power 
compsumation depends much on what you're doing with it; btw let's 
consider it only just as a phone, and so I'm curious about the two 
standard values that generally vendors claim: standby time and 
conversation time.

> For suspended time with GSM modem off we have the consumption down to
> ~2mA and I expect that will improve further by software changes, so on a
> 1200mAh battery like we ship maybe it can last 20 days (unverified!)
> doing nothing at the moment.  With GSM modem on in suspend maybe 5 days

Ok, 5 days of standby time is quite good, but could it be greater?
I've heard that the iPhone, for example, has a standby-time really much 

> Whatever the figure is for "usage time" it will change by a factor of 5
> or 10 depending if you run the GSM transmitter, wifi, CPU is always
> busy, GPS, and the worst suspect the backlight, so you need to define
> exactly what you do with the device during this "usage" to get a
> meaningful figure.

Of course...
Btw I think that my average day usage will be something like: GSM always 
working, wifi for about 1 or 2 hours, some sms (1 or 2) and calls (about 
half hour). In such conditions, do you have an idea about how much will 
the neo stay up?

I'm also figuring another usage-way while traveling using both the GSM 
on standby and the GPS up (with a maps software): any idea about this?


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