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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> For suspended time with GSM modem off we have the consumption down to
>> ~2mA and I expect that will improve further by software changes, so on a
>> 1200mAh battery like we ship maybe it can last 20 days (unverified!)
>> doing nothing at the moment.  With GSM modem on in suspend maybe 5 days
> Ok, 5 days of standby time is quite good, but could it be greater?
> I've heard that the iPhone, for example, has a standby-time really much
> long...

I think we will improve this a small amount in kernel updates we already
know we can do, but how much I don't know.  We already know we waste
current with bad GPIO levels in suspend and can fix them (I have a list
here to do).  Also I "derated" these estimates somewhat just in case
since I did not verify them.  So I expect we exceed this figure soon.

>> Whatever the figure is for "usage time" it will change by a factor of 5
>> or 10 depending if you run the GSM transmitter, wifi, CPU is always
>> busy, GPS, and the worst suspect the backlight, so you need to define
>> exactly what you do with the device during this "usage" to get a
>> meaningful figure.
> Of course...
> Btw I think that my average day usage will be something like: GSM always
> working, wifi for about 1 or 2 hours, some sms (1 or 2) and calls (about
> half hour). In such conditions, do you have an idea about how much will
> the neo stay up?
> I'm also figuring another usage-way while traveling using both the GSM
> on standby and the GPS up (with a maps software): any idea about this?

I personally don't know this yet, but people are starting to use the
frerunner A5s here as real daily phones, so there will be a feeling
about this soon.  But much more (software) work is needed to make
suspend totally reliable and trivial to do all the time, which will
alter the figure for this scenario hugely.  So I would advise not to
expect great battery life at the start, but that it will very likely
make great improvements as the software matures (since we took some care
about the hardware side to allow it).

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