Warning. Don't remove battery with usb power

Ben Wilson ben at abcom.co.nz
Tue Mar 4 01:45:15 CET 2008


Just a reminder to everyone *NOT* to pull out the battery while the neo 
has USB power.

You may not have heard it but the phone gets quite angry. As evident by 
a quiet scream the phone emits as the components in its power system 
begin to vibrate closer to magic smoke land.

Talking with people on IRC most have done this on occasion without any 
damage. However you are definitely risking permanent damage with the 
chance increasing with every second it is in this state.

My advice would be… Don't do it and if you do it by accident then pull 
the plug out quickly rather than listening to the interesting sound.

(I don’t know if this also applies to gta02 or not)


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