Any experience with this BT keyboard?

Federico Belvisi armalite at
Tue Mar 4 12:17:10 CET 2008

David Samblas Martinez ha scritto:
> I was dreaming/whishing/fantasizing about owning a
> Freerunner and I finally decide that for a lot of
> funny things(make long documents, programing, be more
> geeker, etc..) it will be very recomendable to have an
> external Keyboard, but as portable as the Neo itself
> so. I was googling and I have found this affordable BT
> keyboard (in spanish layout also :))  
> I have found no any reference in linux about
> compatibility(or lack of it) so if any one has
> experience or has a Neo and want to try If it works I
> maybe buy one of this  before the phone  

I have one of these keyboards, seems that Dell rebranded it because the
"original" is from ThinkOutside.

I use it on Symbian, but it also works well with Ubuntu. I think that this
keyboard works until the host has HID bluetooth or something like that, you
know, if your pc recognizes bluetooth keyboards then this keyboard should work
too without additional drivers.

I'm hoping too to use that keyboard myself on the Freerunner!

Nice keyboard anyway, very compact, i think the best in the market atm.

Federico Belvisi

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