Multi-touch: Many questions to one desire....

Duvelle Jones duvelle.jones at
Tue Mar 4 14:57:37 CET 2008

Hi, tis me again. A little bit of forward thinking here. When I first
came to OpenMoko it was a mid the torrent of the iPhone hype. I will
admit that I was dissolution with the possibility that the multi-touch
interface was an easy addition to OpenMoko. With some time to think and
study the availability of the technology, I soon realized that my
thinking on the matter was quite naive. 
Maybe I still am naive on the matter, but considering alot of the hard
work to get GTA02 off the ground and running, I was thinking that if
OpenMoko was considering the possibility of a multi-touch interface
seriously maybe it is something that could be found on the next device
afterwards (be it the GTA03 or something later). If that is the case,
then such an input device will not appear out of thin air. At this point
and time what would be realistic, would Openmoko Inc. form a partnership
with supplier of the technology, does FIC Group happen to have something
inhouse that could be utilized? What are the legal implications and
potholes? Etc.
Truth is that I love the concept behind the Openmoko phone. A phone that
'I' truly control, not my provider, not the manufacturer (not
completely, anyway). A phone that grants me, 'freedom'. If anything,
considering what is out there, I would like to more open-idea to
establishing that sense of freedom.... so I only offer this chance to
brain storm what else we can do to provide that. Here is hoping that I
have not let the genie out of the bottle.

P.S.: I apologize in advance for the possibility of this discussion
degrading into a flame-fest, that is not my intention.

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