screen "orientation sensible" already developed?

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at
Tue Mar 4 21:58:28 CET 2008

After see this video, is clear that change the orientation of the screen is already in almost one openmoko relesase , doesn't care if in real alpha state or not, it exist and works almost one time.

where can I find actualice information about status of development and if in almost usable state donwload to see how is done ( I barely understand on bash code, sigh )  but to I have been able  to   develop and successufully compile a (great qualified) mathematical  simulation on C whith treads control  on my old faithful jornada 680 sh3 processor at 133 Mz with 32M in a minimal a but wonderfull Jlime gnu/Linux distribution.  I suppose  I will  be able to hack anything  when this precious arribe at my hands,...  

So the cuestion s are: 
Is have been developed interaction with the accelerometers, yet?, 
What's the library/ies to interact that include the rotate_mokocanvas_freaking _sweet(degrees deg) function?
What's the library/ies to interact that include the int Hey_dude_how_many_horizontal_degrees_you_are_right_now() function/daemon?



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