iPhone Acquired!

kenneth marken k-marken at online.no
Wed Mar 5 00:34:16 CET 2008

On Wednesday 05 March 2008 00:08:02 ian douglas wrote:
> If I recall, the iPhone is a "3G" phone, but only uses EDGE on 3G, the
> slowest speed. I have a friend with an iPhone, I'll ask if I can borrow
> his SIM to see if it'll connect to AT&T on my Neo later this week.

i would not call EDGE 3G. it is a improvement on the GRPS system, that again 
is built on top of GSM.

3G in that case would be UMTS, and maybe HSDPA or HDUPA.

most phones that do UMTS also do GSM, and can do handovers between both 
networks on a call or data connection iirc.

> -id
> Michael Shiloh wrote:
> > Do you have an AT&T SIM card? Does it work with your iPhone? (I know you
> > said you didn't get an AT&T contract.)
> >
> > I'd be very interested in whether that SIM card works in a Neo.
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